Live Client Sprint

Skills Used:

How does an industry disrupter move beyond the category they helped reinvent?
  • Sprint cycles and methods

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Brand repositioning

  • Digital product innovation

  • Scenario planning


Six years ago, Casper introduced its first foam mattress and flipped the traditional mattress industry upside down. As with any successful disruptor, imitator brands appeared almost overnight wanting to in on this new exciting billion-dollar industry. When Casper began in 2014 they were one of only a handful of bed-in-a-box brands on the market and immediately dominated the market with their meticulously planned consumer experience. Since then nearly 150 new imitator brands have entered the market, all with nearly identical product offerings, leaving Casper virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the category it originally helped transform.

In January 2019, Casper approached VCU Brandcenter for a sprint competition comprising 10 teams over three days, culminating with a live client rapid pitch.

Their ask: "How can Casper evolve our brand from being associated with beds and boxes to one associated with sleep
 as a whole?"


Shift brand perception from
mattresses and bedding to sleep as an entire category.


How does a mattress brand market sleep while avoiding physical product association?


Expand Casper into an entire new category that does not require physical products to be experienced.


Our team had less than three days and immediately knew that in order to get the complete picture of the massively complex used car industry (and everything wrong with it) we would have our work cut out for us. We would have to tap every research tool in our arsenal and even create our own.

We began by auditing our extended category, copy-cat competitors, and the entire Carvana brand experience. Our interview subjects ranged from recent Carvana customers, local mechanics, and even a former used-car salesman. Upon digging into online review platforms, a clear picture began to appear: the game was almost entirely rigged from the start and consumers could feel it.


Everybody sleeps...but not always on a Casper product.

In order to be seen as the sleep company, Casper has to expand their impact beyond their existing customers.

How can Casper build brand loyalty without consumers buying a Casper product?

Brand Qualities

Current Consumer Behaviors

Casper is playful

Casper can meet these people on the platforms they are already using

Casper brand
equity is strong

People are already using streaming content to help them fall asleep

Casper is qualitative, never quantitative

They can be stationary in their homes or portable in their pockets


Today's digital users can become
tomorrow's physical customers.


Casper Studios  |  Sleep Entertainment

Casper Studios is...

  • Gentle

  • Lighthearted

  • Delightful

  • Soothing

Brand Partnerships




Click to hear 'Art for Your Ears'

Positive News Network

Watch lions sleep together and learn about the sleep routines
of your favorite animals.


Asleep in the Animal Kingdom

Discover worlds first exclusively positive news network featuring heartwarming stories from around the world, 24/7.

Enjoy hypnotic audio and soothing visualizations through a relaxing meditative journey created by
Casper sleep scientists.

Click thumbnail to experience (with sound)

Sleep Savers


Casper expanding into content creation gives them a free, massively scalable opportunity to reach everyone who ISN'T currently sleeping on a Casper product.

Making it easier for ALL consumers to fall asleep creates positive long term brand associations that can convert into new customers when the time comes and they are ready for their next mattress.

What was the outcome of our sprint?

In April 2019, a few months after our sprint, Casper brought our platform concept to life
in the form of the 'Casper Sleep Channel'.

Scroll down to check out the embedded content below and explore the series on Spotify, YouTube, and IGTV.


Alex Glaum - Creative Brand Manager

Joelle Halle - Experience Designer
Brit Kern - Experience Designer

Kyle Stolcis - Strategist


During the course of this sprint,
our team decided to work ​as title fluid and output agnostic as possible.


One role I specifically owned was concepting and producing the creative used to demonstrate
potential platform content.