"It's just a phase that kids go through.
I'm sure one day he will get bored
and stop asking everybody."

- various adults who guessed incorrectly

My childhood was defined by fantasy novels, imaginary friends, and learning to reassemble my family's VCR that I would 'accidentally' break.

Adulthood traded these passions for synthesizers, Stanley Kubrik films, and tech startups, but I am still that same oddball only-child who never stopped asking, "Why?".

As a strategist, I love combining this insatiable curiosity with creative problem solving to help brands and their customers navigate and make sense of our increasingly complex world.

When I'm not too busy asking, "Why?", I can be found exploring my new home of New York City, turning everyday sounds into electronic instruments, and trying to convince my friends that it's never too late to learn something new.